My journal collection

This is my journal collection……all the unused ones 🙂

The red wowen one i got from a former penpal i Tyrkey
the pink glittery one i got from paperchase….

I’ve always been journaling….since i was a kid. I used to make my own….out of copypapar and staples 🙂 I drew alot, and made little short stories…I always had a dream to find THAT ONE book that would keep me satisfied….that one secret book to keep all my knowledge in….like i had a lot of that as a child lol….but i wanted like a personal bible….in a really pretty and thick book. I never found it though..but now as an adult, descovering Filofaxes i think i might.














I love pretty notebooks and journals 🙂 as you can propably tell.

I’m all into jornaling in filofaxes at the moment…and i plan on getting quite a few af them just for that purpose 🙂 the pocket size is perfekt for that. The rings wont get in the way…it wont be ensanely heavy, as an A5 or even a personal could be….I never had any pocketsize until i got a chameleon about 6 months ago….but i lost it somewhere… 😦 so sad. But i really liked that binder, so i plan on getting a few of these as well 🙂 As soon as I can afford it 🙂


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