They’re here…!!

New additions to my Filofax collection:


from left to right
1. metropol compact raspberry (love it)

2. metropol compact black (solid love)

3. metropol compact orange (crazy in looove)

4. Sketch personal in brown (niiice….cool love)

5. Finsbury personal Grey (practical…..modest love)

6. Luxe pocket (slimline?) in black ( I NEED one in compact! too – sooooo gorgous !!)

7. Amazona pocket in black (gorgeous!!!)

I also got a Finsbury pocket in orange….but not so much in love this her….made not so nice for my taste…
review will come soon, but i might send her back….return it for maybe a chameleon compact og personal in spring green….or ad a little money and get a malden or a luxe compact …or even an osterley compact…gees……i’m insane!!

soon i’ll be back with more insanity ๐Ÿ˜›
So long



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