From time to time i feel that i’ve finally found THE perfect setup for my filofax……and even THE perfect filofax. Over the last few months i’ve been  aiming to find the one and only set up for me…and I get exstremely frustrated with myself for changing it all the time….almost from day to day, but difinetly from week to week. One week I feel i need more space….sometimes even a ton of space to write on…and i find the inserts, buy stuff and set everything up so it is just right. You know that feeling that makes you and your filo click in a certain way, that you feel almost high on something…. I like to say, i’ve got my filofix….it lasts for about a day or so….i feel this urge to open and close my filofax, flip through the pages over and over again…to a point where i need to reinforce the holes in the pages lol 😀 Just holding it, stricking it, feeeeling it all the time….it’s always right next to me for those 24hours.
It feels like I have a crush on my filofax 😀
Then suddently, a few days later the magic is over….the setup no longer fit my needs perfectly…I can have it in my purse without the heart ache of not having it close to all the time. Something has changed.
I sometimes feel like i cannot allow myself the ekstra space if i don’t use it. Like it’s a waste of paper to have a planner with lots of writingspace, and most of the pages are blank…so i always try to find a simpler planning system…i make my own inserts over an dover again….i never seem to settle with any layout what so ever….but yet i always get this feeling, that, THIS layout is my perfect perfect layout…then a few days later it starts all over again….I’ve realised that the only perfect setup is, the one that allows you to customize your day/week to your life and mood in that very moment. So maybe i’ve actually come to peace with the fact that there is no perfect setup for me….it will always change…i will always grow out one setup after the other….i might as well just have blank pages to customize, with a year at a glance or month at a glance to reference back to when i create my daily/weekly pages for the next period of time.
Right now i’m having this crush….this rush of delight , this close bond with my filofax…and yet again i feel like i’ve found my perfect match..but maybe this time i’m closer…..knowing that there is no perfect setup….accepting that i will change everything up again: That it’s okay….i don’t have to stick to just one layout… These past few months I’ve been using the week on one page inserts from filofax. I’ve sort of kept that layout consistant since begining of January, and allowed myself to change everything else up. Just so i have one place for all my appointments, that i can always reference back to. i’ve tried to have that be 2 different binders..but i seemed to always leave one behind and that made my feel very unorganised and confused.forgetting things and such.
Now i’ve seen the week on one page work well for me through out the last 4 months…and a few dayss ago i came up with the idea to just interleave the dayly to do’s on how ever many sheets i need, in between the weeks. I can do that, because there’s one week on eatch side, so nothing will end up covering up the current week…so for now..this seems to be my perfect setup…..and i allow myself to change my mind in a few days…..then this IS my perfect setup 🙂

but to make this affordable, i must print out pages from Philofaxy or make my own, for a few weeks at  time.


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