A cute clipboard for my filofax and new dividers

i’ve had a good time today…rewamping my Personal malden 🙂
I made a cute clipboard for my Filofax, since i think it sometimes is too hard to write because of the rings. Especialy for journaling.
So now i just take out the page or leave a stack of paper on the clipboard and just insert them when i feel the need to.
I made it cute…so i will be motivated to let it stay even though it is slightly larger than the filofaxpages…but it has to be, otherwise the paper won’t be fully supported and it will be a pain to write on. I’m quite pleased with it actually…and i cant wait to never feel the frustration of bumbing into the rings again. That’s the only downside to filofaxes – in my oppinion. So i hope i’ve found away to work around it now.
i could just have a notepad in the back, but i think that the filofax notepads are too exspensive to use excessively….and i almost always cut my own paper…which are clearly not glued together at the top…so i hope this will work.



Here you can see the clipboard sticking out when the filofax i closed …I honestly think it could work 🙂


Here my new dividers:



I made pockets on the back of each divider. just to hold sticky notes and little pieces of loose paper



9 thoughts on “A cute clipboard for my filofax and new dividers

  1. Love the clipboard idea, I am going to steal it. However I think I may need to put it upside down as I am left handed and prefer to write on the fuller side. Awesome idea 🙂

  2. Looks great, I may ‘borrow’ that idea as I usually end up taking the pages out to write and then have nothing to lean on! Well done!

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