Making week on one page diary work

I’ve been using this format since January…I love it! My days varies alot in terms of appointments and meetings.. and actually my personal life is Β what has most that needs to be written down πŸ™‚ I started of with week on one page with notes…..too small space for notes…then i tried the 2 days per page format…to allow more space to write to-do’s …. i tried to combine the week on one page with the 2 days per page…using the week on one page strickly for appiontments for my proffesional life…and the 2 days per page to list all my to-do’s in my personal life. That worked well for a while, but i just seem to always look for an even simpler diary / time management solution.
So for the last couple of weeks i’ve only used my week on one page…which i love….since things are more simple and everything is in one place. And it works well to have the to-do sheet in the middle of two weeks like this:

week on one page (4) week on one page (3)


The hotlist i belive is from daytimer – some kind person sent them to me πŸ™‚ i really like them πŸ™‚ You can write on both sides of them, so they work perfectly for this purpose. One side is to do’s for the first week , and the to do list is turned to right. And the list for the 2nd week is turned left…so you can still see your whole week at glance.. I LOVE that it never interferes with you week at a glance πŸ™‚ It’s perfect!
Some days i have my filofax-flyleaf/transparent pagefinder in the middle and use it as a dashbord for that day…with all my to do’s and notes for that particular day.

week on one page

or just a simple to do list

week on one page (2)

A lot of people ask questions about the week on one page, so

I hope this was helpfull to someone πŸ™‚





Tools for my Filofax

I can’t go on if i am not able to print and cut my own pages for my filofax…..not many Β of the original filofax inserts suits my needs. And I also just looove graphpaper…the very thin quality paper. I enjoy making my own inserts and dividers from time to time…. and these are the tools i use :


This is my papercutter……it’s huge…because the tiny one i used to have couldn’t take up to A4 size sheets…so this one i Love! And the fact that there’s that marker so you only have to position your wanted paper size once.

next thing i can’t live without:



My KW triO adjustable holepunch! I used to have the ones from Filofax, but they didn’t do the job…. they couldn’t punch more than 2 sheets of paper, and the punches even fell out of mine at one point. Maybe i used it too much?
I love this adjustable holepuncher though….it takes all sizes of planner paper from pocket to A5 size…..gotta love that!
One thing that annoys me, is that i often forget to adjust the punches LOL – it should be able to communicate with my brain, but i guess that’s too much to ask πŸ™‚ This punch is really good.
You can buy it here:Β

The last tool i use regularly is the single holepunch…. I use that for making dividers and pockets for my Filofax….since i don’t want to risk ruining my KWtriO punching in cardboard or plastic πŸ™‚
this takes a little while longer to do..but it saves my KWtriO πŸ™‚
I got this on ebay


Next up will be a peek at my washitape collection
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

compulsive shopping lol

While i’m waiting for my latest filofax-order…i accidentally ordered af few more from another filo website πŸ˜€ LOL I’m a freak!
I’ll be doing reviews of them when they arrive..

So i’m awaiting 3 orders total…..soooo excited!
Will have to say, i did save money for these…because i’ve wanted a few different filos lately, but now i had enough money to actually buy them…but still the compulsive part of me couldn’t rest untill i completed the order today. I’ve been thinking it over and over again during the last week or so…but it gives me this urge og eager and craving that won’t leave me untill it absolutely certain i’ll get them….so wierd…..i know people in the filofax community calls it filo-crack….and for some reason it seems to hit almost everybody. When ever you get your first filo, and you feel that wierd rush of love towards it…….people, including me, even sleeps with their filofax next to them at night… this insane? I feel a bit insane actually……i kinda keep this addiction a secret to everyone close to me….since they wouldn’t understand this secret filo-crazy part of me……They would think it’s a waiste of money…but wierd thing is…i never do! I never regret buying filos, beacuse i get sort of high when ever i look a it…even if it’s been on the shelves for months, i still look at it and feel it, pretty regularly…. wierd stubid filo-crack lol!

Someone who’s blog always inspirres me, isΒΒ she acutally made me go for my first ever filofax, the compact chameleon….i just love her sense og humor, and her way of keeping it minimalistic….that speaks to me….i like to alawys narrow it down to the essentials with my planners….So go check out her blog….sadly sh’e not that active in blogging, but you can stil take a look at her older post and pictures. Also you can find her on YoutubeΒ I love her videos…they are so inspirering!! I watch them over and over again lol πŸ™‚ ( i promise i’m not a stalker or anything lol )

Also a shout out to the foundation-blog of this filofax-community… should difinetly go check that out as wellΒΒ and you can go check out their facebook groupΒΒ This community of filofax-fans is just brilliant….i’ve made great filo-friends in there πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to share with you those lovely pieces i’ll be getting in the mail. (hopefully sooooon)
I’ll be back with more revelation of my crazy split self πŸ™‚

My journal collection

This is my journal collection……all the unused ones πŸ™‚

The red wowen one i got from a former penpal i Tyrkey
the pink glittery one i got from paperchase….

I’ve always been journaling….since i was a kid. I used to make my own….out of copypapar and staples πŸ™‚ I drew alot, and made little short stories…I always had a dream to find THAT ONE book that would keep me satisfied….that one secret book to keep all my knowledge in….like i had a lot of that as a child lol….but i wanted like a personal bible….in a really pretty and thick book. I never found it though..but now as an adult, descovering Filofaxes i think i might.














I love pretty notebooks and journals πŸ™‚ as you can propably tell.

I’m all into jornaling in filofaxes at the moment…and i plan on getting quite a few af them just for that purpose πŸ™‚ the pocket size is perfekt for that. The rings wont get in the way…it wont be ensanely heavy, as an A5 or even a personal could be….I never had any pocketsize until i got a chameleon about 6 months ago….but i lost it somewhere… 😦 so sad. But i really liked that binder, so i plan on getting a few of these as well πŸ™‚ As soon as I can afford it πŸ™‚

My obsession

I’m obsessed with stationary and filofaxes….and even other organisers too.
Just yesterday i ordered a ton of things online….tons of sticky notes and cute notepads πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to get it all.. I ordered 2 filofaxes as well. I have a collection of filos from the past few years.
I used to have another blog, but i deleted it, and created this one. I never got really far with that other one…just simply got bored with it. This is new for me…so far i really like the wordpress layout…but i’ll have to get more used to it

These are my filofaxes so far:

Next I’ll get:


Pocket Luxe in black
Compact Luxe in brown
Pocket Finsbury in orange
Pocket Chameleon in spring green
Compact Finsbury in blue
Compact Osterley in plum
Personal Malden in purple and even teal if they make one this year πŸ™‚ I really hope they do πŸ™‚
Personal Sketch in brown
Personal Finsbury in emerald
Compact Finsbury in pink
a few more pockets i guess….

I’ve dicided to keep my filofaxes as journals….with blank or lined paper, just so i can always justify to collect even more….since you can never have too many journals if you write a lot πŸ™‚

I’m also really into journals and notebooks, Stickynotes, stickers, stamps, washi tape and pens πŸ™‚
This blog will have a lot of pictures and less text i think…..just because i love to look at pictures af filofaxes and stationary. Plus my english doesn’t always allow me too speak my mind freely, since i’m short on words…like littaraly. My vocabulary isn’t as big as i wish it was πŸ™‚

Soon there will be hauls posted on here….. yay!
Thanks for reading