My stash of paper

So here’s my stash of precut personal and pocket size paper….for my journaling in filos i’m gonna need a lot of paper, and I like to fill my filos up with it….since i almost everytime i get a new one, toss the inserts that come with it. I never use the standart inserts….i don’t like the lined diarypages, or the week on two pages with the small collums for the weekends…because i do a lot of to do lists on every weekday… I love writing on graph paper, and other very thin paper….cause i like to be able to fit aLOT of paper in my filofaxes.

I actually prefer the white paper, 2 days per page, since i almost always write in pencil, i don’t have the issues with the bleedthrough.



All I have to do now, is punch the holes in them, and they are good to go 🙂






That cottoncreme paper with the lines are from at tiny notebook, i took apart and cut to size…it’s like moleskine paper….really great. I’ll have to look for more of that. Also the lines are very narrow…and i will be able to write alot on each side. I Like that!

Bye for now 🙂