My obsession

I’m obsessed with stationary and filofaxes….and even other organisers too.
Just yesterday i ordered a ton of things online….tons of sticky notes and cute notepads 🙂 Can’t wait to get it all.. I ordered 2 filofaxes as well. I have a collection of filos from the past few years.
I used to have another blog, but i deleted it, and created this one. I never got really far with that other one…just simply got bored with it. This is new for me…so far i really like the wordpress layout…but i’ll have to get more used to it

These are my filofaxes so far:

Next I’ll get:


Pocket Luxe in black
Compact Luxe in brown
Pocket Finsbury in orange
Pocket Chameleon in spring green
Compact Finsbury in blue
Compact Osterley in plum
Personal Malden in purple and even teal if they make one this year 🙂 I really hope they do 🙂
Personal Sketch in brown
Personal Finsbury in emerald
Compact Finsbury in pink
a few more pockets i guess….

I’ve dicided to keep my filofaxes as journals….with blank or lined paper, just so i can always justify to collect even more….since you can never have too many journals if you write a lot 🙂

I’m also really into journals and notebooks, Stickynotes, stickers, stamps, washi tape and pens 🙂
This blog will have a lot of pictures and less text i think…..just because i love to look at pictures af filofaxes and stationary. Plus my english doesn’t always allow me too speak my mind freely, since i’m short on words…like littaraly. My vocabulary isn’t as big as i wish it was 🙂

Soon there will be hauls posted on here….. yay!
Thanks for reading