compulsive shopping lol

While i’m waiting for my latest filofax-order…i accidentally ordered af few more from another filo website 😀 LOL I’m a freak!
I’ll be doing reviews of them when they arrive..

So i’m awaiting 3 orders total…..soooo excited!
Will have to say, i did save money for these…because i’ve wanted a few different filos lately, but now i had enough money to actually buy them…but still the compulsive part of me couldn’t rest untill i completed the order today. I’ve been thinking it over and over again during the last week or so…but it gives me this urge og eager and craving that won’t leave me untill it absolutely certain i’ll get them….so wierd…..i know people in the filofax community calls it filo-crack….and for some reason it seems to hit almost everybody. When ever you get your first filo, and you feel that wierd rush of love towards it…….people, including me, even sleeps with their filofax next to them at night… this insane? I feel a bit insane actually……i kinda keep this addiction a secret to everyone close to me….since they wouldn’t understand this secret filo-crazy part of me……They would think it’s a waiste of money…but wierd thing is…i never do! I never regret buying filos, beacuse i get sort of high when ever i look a it…even if it’s been on the shelves for months, i still look at it and feel it, pretty regularly…. wierd stubid filo-crack lol!

Someone who’s blog always inspirres me, is she acutally made me go for my first ever filofax, the compact chameleon….i just love her sense og humor, and her way of keeping it minimalistic….that speaks to me….i like to alawys narrow it down to the essentials with my planners….So go check out her blog….sadly sh’e not that active in blogging, but you can stil take a look at her older post and pictures. Also you can find her on Youtube I love her videos…they are so inspirering!! I watch them over and over again lol 🙂 ( i promise i’m not a stalker or anything lol )

Also a shout out to the foundation-blog of this filofax-community… should difinetly go check that out as well and you can go check out their facebook group This community of filofax-fans is just brilliant….i’ve made great filo-friends in there 🙂

I can’t wait to share with you those lovely pieces i’ll be getting in the mail. (hopefully sooooon)
I’ll be back with more revelation of my crazy split self 🙂